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Northern Woods Exhibition: Rules and Fees for Entry

  • Entries are limited to objects made primarily of wood.

  • Space on the exhibition floor permitting, each entrant may submit any number of pieces, but only two pieces are eligible for judging. The exhibition committee may reject anything over two pieces due to space constraints.

  • Pieces shown at previous Northern Woods Exhibitions are not eligible for exhibition, judging, or awards.

  • The show committee reserves the right to reject a piece it deems unacceptable for any reason.

  • All pieces must remain on the floor until after the mall closes and the People's Choice Award is announced at 6:00 pm on Sunday.

  • Free standing floor pieces display best on attractive flat black pedestals 4 inches in height. Pedestals should have leg levelers, with rubber or soft vinyl material in contact with the showroom floor. Entrants must provide their own pedestal. Wall hanging pieces will need a wall suitable for display of the piece. The Guild has some display walls. Please email to check for display wall availability. If Guild display wall is not available then entrant must provide their own.

  • Small items may be displayed in/on a Guild-provided display case or a pre-approved entrant provided display. If you need space in one of the Guild display cabinets then be sure to indicate that on your entry form. If you prefer to use your own display, then contact for pre-approval.

  • Advertising is limited to portfolios, business cards, and Guild sponsored publications. All advertising must remain next to the entrant's piece(s).

  • Although the Guild and Eden Prairie Center will have people available to monitor the show at all times, neither party is responsible for damage to, or loss of, pieces on display. Insurance coverage for pieces on display is the responsibility of the entrant.

  • PLEASE NOTE THIS RULE: Late entries may not be included in the show.

  • All pieces MUST be in place by 10:00 pm on Wednesday, April 20, 2022. Late pieces will be excluded from the show unless the entrant contacts the show chairman and makes appropriate arrangements. Pieces will be placed by the guild committee member in charge of display. His decisions are final.

  • Entrants will be expected to volunteer time staffing the Guild booth.

Items required at time of entry

  1. Piece Description - A description of the piece that will be published in the show brochure. Description must include dimensions, materials, and selling price (examples, NFS = Not for sale, Please inquire, or give us the asking price in dollars) if applicable.

  2. Biographical Data - Biography of artisan. Tell us a bit about you (100 words or less). Biographies will be displayed during the show. They will also be published on the Guild's website and in the show catalog.

  3. Color Photos - High resolution Digital Photos are required (1500 x 2100 pixels in JPEG format). If received by April 16, 2022 they may be displayed in the catalog. All photos will be displayed on the Guild's website. If received early, they may be included in press releases. To enhance the catalog, more than one photograph may be submitted.

    If you do not submit a photo for the catalog then you are required to submit a photo/snapshot of your entry not later than the Wednesday evening show setup. Note: this is differnt than that catalog photo and a high-quality photo is NOT required because this one is only to assist with judging the show.

  4. Entry Fee
    • Members of the Minnesota Woodworkers Guild, MN Woodturners Association, or any local Woodcarving, Scroll Saw Club, or CNC Club will pay a $60 entry fee for their first piece and $25 for each subsequent entry.
    • Non Members will pay a $85 entrance fee for their first piece and $35 for each subsequent piece.
    • Students (defined as any individual not enrolled in college post-graduate studies; proof of status required) may enter one piece for FREE.
    • Fee is refundable for any piece that is rejected due to space constraints.
    • NOTE: Fees are not refundable for incomplete/late pieces!

  5. Piece Contributors - Entrant must state if any other individuals contributed directly to the piece (e.g. designers, finishers, etc.). Pieces constructed with second party contributors are welcomed, however, they will not be judged on the corresponding characteristics. (E.g. If piece was finished by a second party it is not eligible for the Best Finish Award, unless of course the piece is co-entered by both parties.)

  6. CNCs and Lasers Declaration (Mandatory) - The use of CNCs and Lasers is welcomed, but any use of these MUST be noted in your application. CNC and Laser use will not be included in your piece description unless you choose to disclose it.

  7. Piece to be judged - Indicate if you want the piece to be judged. You may submit up to two pieces for judging. Each piece is eligible for only one award from the judges. In addition, all pieces are also eligible for the Peer Award, the People's Choice Award, and any privately sponsored awards.

  8. Original Design (optional) - If you wish to be eligible for this award, the entrant must certify on their entry form that the piece is substantially of their own design.

Exhibiton Details

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