Volume: 136
Issue: December 2011 - January 2012

Fall Seminar - Marquetry with Paul Schurch

For woodworkers, marquetry is the art using inlaid veneers to create an image to decorate a furniture piece. Paul Schurch, the speaker at the 2011 Fall Seminar has an international reputation for his marquetry work. He demonstrated the processes he uses during a fantastic weekend training session for Guild members.

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Woodworking in America: Ultimate Joinery Weekend

Bob Bridigum has been listening to the buzz about Woodworking in America for the last few years. He decided to find out for himself if it was as good as everyone said.

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President's Notes

The Guild's Board of Directors has undergone a few changes. Find out who will be president come the new year....

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What's On Your Bench? - Woodburning

Richard Tendick has brought some non-traditional tools into his shop for this latest woodworking foray. Items like an automotive battery charger and toaster wire. Caution, this activity involves high heat.

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Woodworking on the Web

It spins, it twirls, it goes up and down while singing clickety clack, clickety clack. If you are looking for a great gift idea for your child or grandchild and are wondering what to do with your small wood scraps, this is for you.

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Member Discounts

One of the benefits of membership in the Minnesota Woodworkers Guild is discounts at many suppliers of wood, tools, finishes and more!


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