Volume: 138
Issue: April - May 2012

Bonus Meeting at Gabberts - Stickley Furniture

Guild members received a special invitation to Gabberts Furniture for a presentation from two representatives of the Stickley Company, a large US manufacturer of Arts and Crafts style furniture.

The presentation was partly a historical overview of the Stickley brothers and the Stickley furniture company which nearly closed shop in the 1970’s before a successful revival by the Audi family.  Stickley now employs 1600 people in a new factory in Manlius NY.   More details on Stickley's history can be found here: Stickley history

George Webster discussed the techniques and joinery used by the Stickley company in their current furniture.  These include pinned mortise and tenon joints, keyed tenons, quadralinear posts, and dovetailed cross rails among others.  He also described the various departments in the factory that each furniture piece goes through.  The plant purchases six million board feet of oak lumber per year but discards about 50% of that as unsuitable for their furniture.

After the presentation attendees viewed the partially assembled furniture pieces that George had on display and asked questions.  He can be seen in the left crowd shot below wearing a tie and a light colored dress shirt.


Sara Lanagan is Director of the Stickley Museum.  She showed slides of some of the museum pieces and invited everyone to visit when in the area of  Manlius N.Y. 


The Guild would like to thank Gabberts for inviting us to this special presentation.  It was well received by our members and it appeared that over 100 of the attendees were from the MWWG.