Volume: 138
Issue: April - May 2012

President's Notes

President's Notes By Charlie Kocourek

The Guild has a fantastic video library.  What’s more, as a member you can borrow any video for free!  We do ask for a deposit, but you get it back when you are done watching the video.

One of my favorites is Rob Cosman’s Wood-Hinge Box video.  I recently watched it for the second time and I am just as impressed as I was the first time I viewed it.  Basically, he shows you how to build a piece with an invisible wooden hinge.  It is so cool!  I have seen many pieces with wooden hinges, but I have never seen a hinge like the one in this video.

The video takes you through Rob’s box making process.  He uses a combination of machine and hand tools for stock preparation.  He then shows you a router table he developed for making nice friction fit box joints.  This is a bit different than the usual jig for box joints because it produces different size pins and tails. 

Finally he gets to the wood hinge.  It consists of a few very short dowels.  These are joined together with small bits of 1/16” welding rod.  In the video he used five dowels.  He glued three of the dowels to the lid and two of them to the carcass.  The dowels don’t come apart because they are all pinned together with the welding rod.  The lid stays on the box because alternating sections of dowel are glued to either the top or to the carcass.

Of course, there are some tricks!  Like how to get a perfectly round dowel that is made from the same wood as the box itself.  And, how to drill a 1/16” hole that is perfectly centered in the end of a ¼” dowel.  

I hope my description is not too confusing.  Regardless, I highly recommend this video.  Rob Cosman is a master with hand tools, and the library has several other Cosman videos that are definitely worth watching.  

You can find the list of all of the videos in our library at this link, and read the checkout rules here.  John Griffin-Wiesner is at every meeting with the complete library for you to browse through and check-out.

While I am on the subject of Guild benefits I want to thank Rich Gotz, Craig Johnson and Mark Laub for doing the small group demonstration classes.  I hope you were one of the lucky ones who got to attend.  Each of these classes was so popular that we were able to fill two sessions.  I also want to thank Jerry Beutel for his hard work and determination in organizing these classes. 

Hope to see you at Northern Woods,

Charlie Kocourek