Volume: 138
Issue: April - May 2012

February Meeting: Hand Tool Olympics 2012

Story by David Mitchell
Photos by Jerry Beutel

The February meeting of the MN Woodworkers Guild was a repeat of last year's meeting - the popular Hand Tool Olympics held at Forest Products in Maplewood.  This was a hands-on event. None of the usual prepared presentations - at this meeting four teams were formed to compete in six woodworking events.

Event Description
Ripping Each contestant is given a two foot long pine board to rip straight and sqaure. 
Crosscutting Crosscutting a foot wide board straight and sqaure
Jointing Joint the edge of a two foot pine board using a wooden try plane.
Boring Bore a 3/4 inch hole using a brace and bit.
Tenoning Cut a single tenon to fit an existing mortise
Dovetailing Create a single two tail/three pin dovetail using supplied hand tools

The first four winners of door-prizes were immediately appointed as team-captains. Team members were then drawn from the remaining door prize tickets to create six member teams.  Judging was done by official timers and judges. A number of people stepped forward to volunteer their time and effort to make this a successful event. 

Each event was timed and judged for fit or straightness. The number of cards that fit into any crack or void that should be tight was counted as penalty points.

Greg's Gorrillas: Greg Kleese, Captain

EVENT Team Member Time Cards Rating
Ripping Pete Molinaro 46:6 5 Best
Crosscutting Blake Nelson 17:7 3 Best
Jointing Jeff Anderson 44:0 4  
Boring Stew McKenna 11.37 5  
Tenoning Jon Perko 7:34 7  
Dovetailing Ed Neu 5:41 14  
Totals   915 38  

The Wood Nots:  Robert Schulke, Captain

EVENT Team Member Time Cards Rating
Ripping Bob Flynn 39.7 5 Best
Crosscutting Ron Kvass 19.0 9  
Jointing Mike Davis 32.0 3  
Boring Dan Syverson 10.9 2 Fastest Best
Tenoning Robert Schulke 11:16 2 Best
Dovetailing Bruce Johnson 13:00 5 Best
Totals   1558 26 Best

Team Charlie:  Charlie Kocourek, Captain

EVENT Team Member Time Cards Rating
Ripping Ross Larson 21.0 14 Fastest
Crosscutting David Root 13.3 4  
Jointing Fran Peterson 25.0 3  
Boring Charlie Kocourek 12.9 5  
Tenoning John Walkowiak 6:40 2  
Dovetailing Steve Schwabacher 4:49 8 Fastest
Totals   761 36 Fastest

Bill's Butchers:  Bill Wegwerth, Captain

EVENT Team Member Time Cards Rating
Ripping Andy Holst 22 11  
Crosscutting Bill Wegwerth 9.8 3  
Jointing Ben Manderfeld 12.0 2  
Boring Gary Blanch 12.75 9  
Tenoning Alberto Catarino 4:32 10 Fastest
Dovetailing Roy Werve 7:51 9  
Totals   800 44  



Team Standings




Team Charlie 761 36 Best time
Bill's Butchers 800 44  
Greg's Gorillas 915 38  
The Wood Nots 1558 26 Best Quality

The Guild wants to thank Mike Siemsen of Mike Siemsen's School of Woodworking (schoolofwood.com) for supplying the benches and tooling, as well as the organization and scoring methodology. We also thank Forest Products (www.forestproductssupply.com) for hosting this event.

More detailed information about the olympic activities including bench setup for each event is available on Mike Siemsen's web site (schoolofwood.com/node/41).

Special thanks to all of the volunteers and support people who made this meeting possible.