Volume: 135
Issue: October - November 2011

President's Notes

Story by Charlie Kocourek

I have just returned from the Swap Meet that was held in the parking lot of North Country Workshop.  This was a very cool event, and I want to thank our friends at North Country for hosting it.  I also want to thank the program committee for their work.

Prior to the swap meet I talked to several people who planned to attend.  Every one of them claimed their motivation for going was to reduce the number of no longer used items in their shop and to return "empty handed".  I believed them.  Sort of.  Well, okay, I kind of didn’t buy it.  

One of the reasons I didn't buy it is because I suspected that like me, they were excited about the possibility of finding a stunning piece of figured (fill in the blank), a nice #3 bedrock, or something else they didn’t even know they needed.  But, I think there is more to it than that.

This was a swap meet.  Two words; swap and meet.   

The “swap” part of the swap meet was about trading our woodworking treasures, and I witnessed a lot of that.  But, the second part is “meet”, and deep down that might be even more important to us than the hunt for red figured lumber.  What better way to spend a Saturday morning?  Picture a bunch of woodworkers milling around on a nice September morning with coffee cups and baseball caps.  Every one with a common interest in woodworking.  Every one with plenty of people to talk to, and plenty to talk about.  This was networking; sincere and genuine.   We were making connections, and we were making friends.  This is a big part of why I like the Guild as much as I do, and I believe this is another reason why my friends were eager to participate in the swap meet.

People sometimes assume that because I am on the board and involved with leadership of the Guild that I must be an extrovert.  Sometimes people even assume that I make friends easily.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I first joined the Guild because it is such a fantastic educational resource.  I stick with it because of all the friends I have met.  So yes, I very much enjoyed the swap meet!