Volume: 132
Issue: April - May 2011

Enhancements to the Guild Web Site

Story by Jeff Hand

You may have seen the email communication from the Board in late February about enhancements to the Guild's web site coming soon. Those changes have been made active and if you have signed up for Northern Woods, you've already taken advantage of the changes. (NW Registration is still open through April 11th.)

Completed to date are a module that enables members to renew their membership and pay either with a credit card or PayPal account, a revised module that allows for easier setup of event registrations, and just recently a new newsletter authoring module. If you have a moment, let our editor, Jerry Beutel, know what you think of the new look.

Up next is an improved email management module. The email tool will be integrated with the membership module such that members will be able to specify what types of email communications they receive.

In order to take advantage of the enhancements, members need to activate their account. This is necessary since we have so many members and we wanted you to be able to pick your own password. Account activation is of course at your leisure but will help out the Membership Director, Carole Magnuson, by ensuring accuracy of your contact information and membership status.

How to Activate (Initialize) Your Account

  1. In the main button bar, at the top of every page on the web site, you will now see a button/link labeled "Login". Select it to access the Login page.
  2. Select the button/link labled "Initialize Account" to the right of the Email and Password fields on the Login page.
  3. Submit your email address as requested.
    NOTE: If you have multiple email addresses, use the address at which you receive emails from the Guild. It is associated with your name and address in the database and will be your user ID going forward. You may change it after your account is initialized however.
  4. You will receive an email from the Guild with a link back to the web site so you can create your password. The password must be at least 8 characters. If an email does not arrive within a few minutes, (it's generally within seconds), check your SPAM folder in your email interface.
  5. After you set your password, you are logged in! Look for a bar that displays immediately under the normal site header and buttons. Two links will display, "Manage My Account" and "Help & Support".
  6. Please look over your member information and confirm its accuracy.

If for some reason you have an older email address on file or simply cannot remember which address you have on  file, you will be given the opportunity to send an email to Jeff Hand stating your name and contact information. Please indicate that your email address is not recognized.

Look for more articles detailing the new features in the future.