Volume: 132
Issue: April - May 2011

Member Survey: Thanks for your responses!

Story by Jerry Beutel

We had an enthusiastic response to the survey sent to all members in late February.  213 respondents completed the 37 questions, many of which required write-in answers.  That is about a 25% response rate – much better than expected for a survey as detailed as this.   

The purpose of the survey was to gain information on our members likes and dislikes as we consider ways to keep the Guild relevant and vibrant.  A committee has been formed to look at the survey input along with other pertinent information and formulate plans to implement the best ideas.  

The document containing all of the survey responses is 91 pages long and I’ve barely had time to skim it, but even that quick look tells me we have some great input.  There are a lot of suggestions for meeting topics, ideas to improve the website and the newsletter, and I see a number of requests to engage the members more at the meetings.  And of course there are comments that reflect different perspectives.  Consider this assortment of comments regarding meeting locations:

Move meetings around the metro rather than primarily in the southern metro.
Have more meetings/seminars in the south part of the metro.
Only suggestion is maybe a more central, fixed location for meetings. Seems they move around the region a lot!!
Costs permitting, it would be nice to find a permanent home for the meetings.
A few more activities South of the Metro.
More central location for events. Tend to be on east side or north exurbs.
Increase sites in east metro

Clearly from reading that list it would be impossible to meet everyone’s request, but the comments tell us to be sensitive to having a balance when choosing meeting locations.

We will be keeping Guild members informed about what actions are taken as a result of information gathered from this survey.  Be patient please, we are after all a volunteer organization, working on this in our "spare" time. Meanwhile, thank you so much for giving us valuable information on your opinions and preferences.

As promised, three survey takers were awarded prizes.  The winners of the survey drawing are: 

Ben Timko: $50 Woodcraft Gift Card

Wayne Menge: $50 Rockler Gift Card

Tom Polacek: Free Northern Woods Entry.