Volume: 132
Issue: April - May 2011

President's Notes

Charlie Kocourek

I don’t spend as much time in my shop as I would like to.  I love working on projects!  But, for some reason it is hard for me to get started. It is not for lack of things to do.  I have lots and lots of ideas, and lots of projects that I could be working on like marquetry designs, workbench designs, carving projects, ideas for an entertainment center, ways to organize my shop, hard pipe my dust collection and get the hoses off the floor, etc. The list goes on and on.

Recently, a friend of mine was talking about artistic discipline. The way I understood it is if you want to create things then you have to dedicate yourself to doing it. That sounds simple enough. Along the way you will certainly improve your skills and find satisfaction, too.

So, I went down in my shop and just started playing around with some ideas. I made more dust than art, but I did have fun and I was learning, too. Still, I feel the pull of checking my email, watching the news, running errands, and all the other normal day-to-day things.

Maybe I need counseling. It might go something like this:

Me:                I like woodworking, but I don’t do it as much as I want to.
Counselor:   Why?
Me:                Well, I get busy with other things
Counselor:   Do you really want to work in your shop, and create things?
Me:                Yes, I really do.
Counselor:   If you really want to work in your shop then you should just do it.

That is just what my friend was trying to tell me. Just do it. I think I will. And, next year I will enter a piece in the Northern Woods Exhibition!

I hope to see you at this year's Northern Woods Show.  It will be held at Southdale Shopping Center April 28th to May 1st.

Charlie Kocourek