Volume: 142
Issue: December 2012 - January 2013

Changes coming to Guild Newsletter

Story by Jerry Beutel

For the past 3 1/2 years I've been editing this newsletter, sending it out first in paper form, and then electronically, every two months.  At the last several Guild board meetings we've talked about the future of the newsletter once I move on to my new role in the Guild.  Multiple requests for a volunteer to take over as newsletter editor have gone unanswered.  

Ideas that we discussed ranged from simply discontinuing the newsletter to hiring someone to do the production.  In the end we decided to replace our bi-monthly newsletter which has 8-10 stories and features, with more frequent but less detailed electronic communications.  This seems to be a natural evolution in view of the fact that the Guild's website and blasts are doing more and more of the work that used to be done by the newsletter.  We're still working out the details of these changes, but the table below will give you some ideas of what is being discussed.

Newsletter Category Planned changes
Upcoming meetings Maintain list on website and send out blast prior to each meeting
Classifieds Include in a  blast to be sent out at some TBD frequency (weekly?).  Also available on the website.
New Members Include in a monthly communication
Meeting Summaries Include a very abbreviated summary in a monthly communication
President's Notes Continue on a bi-monthly basis - in every other monthly communication
Supplier Discounts Always available on the website
What's On Your Bench? Continue on a bi-monthly basis if someone will volunteer to coordinate this.


If you have any comments about these changes please let me or any of the board members know.  My email is: jebeutel@gmail.com   If you would like to volunteer to coordinate the What's On Your Bench stories, please contact me about that as well.