Volume: 142
Issue: December 2012 - January 2013

President's Notes

Story by Charlie Kocourek

Change is good!

There are two separate, but related changes that I want to tell you about today.   The first is that Jerry Beutel has accepted the position of Guild President effective January 1st, 2013.  The other is a change with the newsletter and a shift in how we communicate to the membership.

Jerry Beutel is an amazing and extraordinary man.  He is a down to earth, hard working and very intelligent person with a warm personality.  He also brings wealth of managerial and leadership experience from the corporate world.  We are fortunate to have him in this key leadership position and we can rest easy knowing that the Guild is in good hands. Please join me in welcoming Jerry to his new position!

We on the Board have been thinking of ways to capitalize on email and electronic media to improve how we communicate to the membership.  For the last few years Jerry has edited the newsletter.  He successfully transitioned the newsletter from paper to the more recent electronic version.  Jerry (or anyone else) cannot be expected to perform the presidential duties and edit the newsletter simultaneously.  This actually presents a perfect opportunity for us to implement some of the improvements we have been considering. 

We are going to move from a single newsletter that is sent out once every two months to more timely and more frequent email blasts.  There are many advantages to this; the most significant advantage is that you will receive information while it is still fresh and relevant.   You will hear and see more about this.

One concern we have heard is that some people might not want multiple emails, and we have developed ways to address this concern.  First, Guild members can easily edit their email preferences. You can do this by logging into your Guild account and clicking on “Edit Profile Information”.  From there you have the ability to customize email preferences to your own personal tastes.  You can select exactly which, if any emails you want to receive.  Even if you choose to forego emails altogether relevant information will still be available to you on the Guild website. 

I turn the Guild Presidency over to Jerry with great pride and great optimism.  Most importantly, I believe in the Guild.  I believe it is the best Woodworking organization in the country, and like computer processors, it just gets better every year.  We have an amazing membership and a remarkably dedicated leadership team.  I am proud to be a member of this organization and I am very optimistic about our future.  I have been on the Board for several years in varying capacities, and I have served as President for 3 years.  Change really is good, and it is time for fresh ideas. I will remain active on the board, but in some different capacity.  I know we will see many great and innovative ideas from the new board and from Jerry’s leadership.   During my three years I tried to emphasize personal interaction and fun!  It is all about woodworking, but none of us would be here if we didn’t enjoy it.  I am truly honored to have served as Guild President and I thank you for the opportunity.