Volume: 140
Issue: August - September 2012

President's Notes

Story by Charlie Kocourek

Volunteer & Sponsor Appreciation Picnic!

Tuesday August, 28th
Central Park in Roseville

The Minnesota Woodworkers Guild is what it is because of the members and organizations that support it.  The members who attend meetings, the members who use the discounts, the members who participate in Northern Woods, and most of all THE MEMBERS WHO GENEROUSLY VOLUNTEER THEIR TIME!  The nature of the Guild would also be very different without the equally GENEROUS SUPPORT OF OUR SPONSORS!!

Seriously, I can’t stress this enough because it is absolutely true!  To emphasize my point I am using the President's Notes column in a little different manner - to tell you how we plan to honor our volunteers.  

The Guild has decided to put on a Volunteer and Sponsor Appreciation Picnic. We really want to make this something special.  We sincerely want to recognize all the people who have helped to build the Guild by volunteering their time over the years.

There will be:
• FUN!

• Spouses, Kids, and Guests are Welcome to attend!!

This picnic is for ANYYONE who has ever volunteered, AND ANYONE WHO WOULD LIKE TO GET MORE INVOLVED, TOO!

This picnic is for you if you have ever:

• “Manned the booth” at Northern Woods
• Participated in “Rockler Days”
• Taught a class for the Guild
• Passed out nametags at a meeting
• Helped with a Guild related project
• Served on the Board of Directors
• Brought beverages to a meeting
• Served on a committee
• Sponsored an award
• Offered a discount to Guild members
• Written an article/taken photos for the newsletter
• Presented at a meeting
• Helped with anything in any way!

This picnic is for also for you if you “might” like to help with any of these things or if you “might” like to get more involved in the Guild.  Please join us on August 28th.


Charlie Kocourek