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2019 Fall Seminar: November 15th - 17th

Featuring Christopher Schwarz presenting: "An American Welsh Stick Chair"

This year our presenter was Christopher Schwarz, furniture maker, teacher and one of the founders of the Lost Art Press, and publisher of hand tool woodworking books.

If chairmaking intimidates you, you aren't alone. The tools, materials and processes seem to require a pledge of allegiance to an entirely different craft that uses green wood, shavehorses and steamboxes. It doesn't have to be that way.

For the last two decades, Chris has dedicated himself to learning all modes of chairmaking, from building them with green wood and traditional tools to making chairs with routers, high-tech compression wood and complex jigs. The chair for this lecture uses a mix of tools that you probably already own (plus a few new ones), wood that you have in your scrap bin and skills you have already honed.

Chris discussed and demonstrated how to:
  • Fully understand compound angles without the benefit of trigonometry (or numbers).
  • Drill holes at any angle and nail it every time.
  • Shape compound and complex curves with a band saw and rasp.
  • Use tapered mortise-and-tenon joints, and wedges, to create joints that get tighter through time.
  • Quickly carve a comfortable seat.

Location: St. Paul College, 235 Marshall Ave., St. Paul 55102 MAP

American Welsh Stick Chair