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Wedneaday, December 15th: Northern Woods Exhibitors' Presentations

Three participants in the recent Northern Woods Exhibition will present their entries, followed by time for questions.
Presenters are Yana Frank, Jake Brown, and Tom Caspar.
WHEN: WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 15th. Gathering begins at 6:15 p.m., brief Business meeting at 6:45 p.m., Program at 7:00 p.m.
WHERE: Richfield Community Center, Basement. 7000 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55423.
Check the MEETINGS page for details.

Tooling Around!

Did you know that the Guild has a number of excellent workshop tools you can rent for a very nominal fee? Popular items are the HVLP Sprayer, a Photography and Lighting Kit, and a large vacuum bag and vacuum unit. Check out the TOOL RENTALS for details!

Twin City Maker space is seeking instructors!

Twin Cities Maker is looking for instructors to teach Turning, Cabinetry, Finishing, or any other wood working subject. Never taught a class...that's okay! Our organization is all about Making, Sharing, and Learning.
And...if Instructors are members of or referred by Minnesota Woodworker’s Guild, TC Maker will donate 10% of the revenue from the classes taught back to the Minnesota Woodworkers Guild Tuition Grant Program! For full details on reimbursements and contact information, click HERE!

Minnesota Woodworkers Guild E-mail Group Update:

The Minnesota Woodworkers Guild has transitioned from Yahoo!Groups to This forum is available to active members. If you are a member and would like to use this service, click on this link to register and then be approved by the moderator. We will periodically remove accounts for inactive members.
We want to be sure everyone enjoys the experience. The following guidelines apply to all users:
  • Members are expected to post and act responsibly. Please respect your fellow members' time and attention: strive to be clear, concise and courteous. If you happen to disagree with another member please do so without being rude. Personal attacks, inflammatory and inappropriate language are not allowed and may lead to removal from the forum.
  • Attachments are allowed and the judicious use of photos and other illustrations is encouraged! We also enabled the poll feature.
  • For the full guidelines regarding prohibited use of the service, see the Terms of Service, especially Section 6.
A quick link to can be found in the left side-bar.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact David Lane, Co-moderator:

About Us

The Minnesota Woodworkers Guild is a group of professional and amateur woodworkers bound together by three goals:

to advocate high standards in our craft
to meet new friends and discuss woodworking
to educate ourselves and the public about woodworking

The Guild hosts monthly educational meetings, offers an annual Fall Seminar and sponsors the annual “Northern Woods” show, an exhibition of fine woodworking. We welcome membership by all woodworkers, regardless of what they build, their level of skill, style of work, or their profession.

Our goal is to encourage the highest standards in woodworking, while allowing each of our members to grow at their own pace, from whatever level of skill and accomplishment they begin with.

Simply put, we want each of our members to become the best woodworker they are capable of, and to enjoy telling their Guild friends about it along the way.

Membership ($30)
Student Membership (Free)

Guild Group E-mail (

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