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Join the fun at the 2018 Maker Faire!

We need volunteers for the Minneapolis/St. Paul Maker Faire on June 1st and 2nd, 2018.

This is a great way for us to give back to the community of young makers we are hoping to foster. The Maker Faire held at the State Fair Grandstand is right around the corner and we are looking for several volunteers to help engage the community in woodworking.

We will have displays on joinery, tools, and member projects as well as demonstrations and hands on activities for families to try. Attendance is expected to be 3,000 7th grade students on Friday for the education portion of the Faire and 10,000 for the public portion which includes family and anyone else interested in making.

This will be the first time the Minnesota Woodworkers Guild has participated in this event.

Volunteers should:

  • Have basic skills in hand tools: planes, cross-cut saw, brace and bit.
  • Exhibit patience in helping new woodworkers with a brand new skill.
  • Be available Friday June 1st or Saturday June 2nd for a 2-4 hour shift at the Maker Faire!
We would also like to display several pieces built by Guild members (a carving, chair, or chest for instance).

Please reply to Mike Berner (

Save a buck! Don't buy -- Use the Tool Library instead!

The Guild's TOOL RENTAL LIBRARY is a great resource for some expensive tools or ones that you need only occasionally, such as:
  • Drill bit sharpener for standard twist and brad point bits (professional grade system)
  • HVLP sprayer (American Turbine AT-3000)
  • Photography light and backdrop kit (professional grade)
  • Starrett 36" machinist straight edge (used for machine setup and alignment)
  • Veneering kit (vacuum bag)
  • Veritas power sharpening system
  • 20" Scroll Saw
Check out the Tool Rental Page for details!


When is the last time you made use of the Guild's amazing DVD library? With over a hundred DVD's covering everything from dovetails to inlay you can find the guidance you need at your own pace at home. See the LIBRARY page for loan rules and a full title list. Check 'em out!

About Us

The Minnesota Woodworkers Guild is a group of professional and amateur woodworkers bound together by three goals:

to advocate high standards in our craft
to meet new friends and discuss woodworking
to educate ourselves and the public about woodworking

The Guild hosts monthly educational meetings, produces a bi-monthly newsletter, and sponsors the annual “Northern Woods” show, an exhibition of fine woodworking. We welcome membership by all woodworkers, regardless of what they build, their level of skill, style of work, or their profession.

Our goal is to encourage the highest standards in woodworking, while allowing each of our members to grow at their own pace, from whatever level of skill and accomplishment they begin with.

Simply put, we want each of our members to become the best woodworker they are capable of, and to enjoy telling their Guild friends about it along the way.