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Guild DVD Collection -- Check 'em Out!

The Guild maintains an extensive library of woodworking-related titles. Contact Blake Nelson at to borrow a title.
The following DVDs are all available for checkout. Please review the rules before checking-out library materials.
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ID #TitleAuthor/Producer
201021A Simple Varnish FinishThe Woodwhisperer
201318A Traditional Tool Chest in Two DaysChristopher Schwarz
3043Advanced Hand Cut DovetailsRob Cosman
201008Alan Peters ApproachRob Cosman
3021BandsawShop Class Series
200708Basic Box MakingDoug Stowe
201044Basics of European WoodcarvingNora Hall
201012Bench ChiselsRob Cosman
200923Best of Arts & CraftsPopWood
200916Beyond the Basic BowlBill Grumbine
201301Build A SawbenchChristopher Schwarz
201101Build An 18th Century WorkbenchChristopher Schwarz
200705Building Furniture with Hand PlanesChristopher Schwarz
3058CabinetsMarc Adams
200901Carved Swedish BowlsBengt Lidstrom
200716Chippendale Four Drawer Small ChestGlen Huey
201023Chisel Techniques for Precision JoineryDavid Charlesworth
200919Classic Plane Making: Hollows & RoundsTod Herrli
200704Coarse, Medium and FineChristopher Schwarz
201501Design & Techniques for Building Curvy FurnitureJeff Miller
201049Dovetail a DrawerFrank Klausz
3042Drawer MakingRob Cosman
3038Drawknives, Spokeshaves, Chairmakers Took KitBrian Boggs
201019Essential WW TechniquesWW Guild of America
200709Finishing TechniquesMarc Adams
200703Forgotten Hand ToolsChristopher Schwarz
200702Frame and Panel ConstructionGraham Blackburn
200907Fundamentals of Inlay: Federal Table LegSteve Latta
200906Fundamentals of Inlay: Stringing, Line and BerrySteve Latta
201201Fundamentals of Inlay: Stringing, Line and BerrySteve Latta
201030Fundamentas of Inlay: Making Ornamental BandingsSteve Latta
200905Furniture Making Techniques: Five TopicsDavid Charlesworth
200714Furniture Making vols 1 and 2Marc Adams
201020Furniture Making: Secrets, Skills and TechniquesWW Guild of America
200920FWW archive 1-201Taunton
3009Gilding & Chemical PatinationsDavid Marks
200926Google Sketchup Level TwoGo2School
201502Green & Greene Joinery DetailsWilliam Ng
3045Hand Cut DovetailsRob Cosman
200706Hand Cut Mortise & TenonRob Cosman
201043Hand Planes in the WorkshopMario Rodriguez
3041Hand Planing and SharpeningRob Cosman
201042Hand Saw SharpeningTom Law
201029Hand ScrapersChristopher Schwarz
201024Hand Tool Tech. Part 1: Plane SharpeningDavid Charlesworth
201025Hand Tool Tech. Part 2: Hand PlaningDavid Charlesworth
201026Hand Tool Tech. Part 3: Precision ShootingDavid Charlesworth
201022Hand Tool Tech.: Precision Prep. of ChiselsDavid Charlesworth
201047Hand Tools, Tuning and UsingFrank Klausz
201040Hand-Applied FinishesJeff Jewitt
201303Handplane BasicsChristopher Schwarz
200715Hepplewhite NightstandGlen Huey
3040Hickory Bark from Tree to ChairBrian Boggs
200707Jan Walker's Intruduction to MarquetryJan Walker
200925Jigs and Fixtures for Curvilinear woodworkingDavid Marks
200710JoineryMarc Adams
200724JoineryMarc Adams
3024Jointer & PlanerShop Class Series
201016Jointer and Planer SecretsHendrik Varju
200711LaminatesMarc Adams
200725LaminatesMarc Adams
3022LatheShop Class Series
200903Make a Chair From a TreeJohn Alexander
201503Make an Inlaid Dovetail BoxChuck Bender
201046Making a PeppermillTed Sokolowski
201048Making Mortise and Tenon JointsFrank Klausz
201014Making Shaker Oval BoxesBrent Rourke
200908Making Traditional Side Escapement PlanesLarry Williams
200712MarquetryMarc Adams
201504Marquetry, Veneer & Inlay for Furniture MakersRob Millard
200717Massachusetts High Chest of DrawersGlen Huey
6003Master Techniques of MarquetrySilas Kopf
201304Mastering Hand Tools (2 discs)Christopher Schwarz
201010Mastering the Dovetail SawRob Cosman
201034NYW: Bowfront ChestNorm Abram
201038NYW: Federal Style Game TableNorm Abram
201036NYW: Highboy (Part 1 & 2)Norm Abram
201039NYW: Lolling ChairNorm Abram
201037NYW: Martha's Candle StandNorm Abram
201032NYW: The Shop ClockNorm Abram
201033NYW: Window BenchNorm Abram
201035NYW: Workshop HelpersNorm Abram
200921Popular Woodworking Archive 2000-2007PopWood
3039Precision Shooting SimplifiedDavid Charlesworth
201505Pyrography Workshop: Hawk Portrait WoodburningSue Walters
201017Revelations on Table Saw Setup & SafetyHendrik Varju
3044Rough to ReadyRob Cosman
200713RoutingMarc Adams
3055SafetyMarc Adams
201007Sawing FundamentalsChristopher Schwarz
200914ScrapersDavid Marks
201009Scraping WoodRob Cosman
200726Secrets (not original)Marc Adams
3023ShaperShop Class Series
201006Sharpening Profiled Hand ToolsLarry Williams
201506SketchUp 2014 for Woodworkers - BasicJoe Zeh
201507SketchUp 2014 for Woodworkers - IntermediateJoe Zeh
200917Sketchup for EveryoneGo2School
201305Sketchup For Woodworkers part 1Robert Lang
201306Sketchup For Woodworkers part 2Robert Lang
201307Sketchup For Woodworkers part 3Robert Lang
200918Sketchup Levels One and TwoGo2School
200913Skew Chisel: The Sweet Side and The Dark SideAlan Lacer
3046Son of SkewAlan Lacer
201302Super-Tune A HandplaneChristopher Schwarz
200902Swiss Cooperage: Two Days in the Workshop ofUedi Kohler
3025TablesawShop Class Series
200701Tage Frid - profileTage Frid
201508Talking Japanese ToolsToshio Odate
200718Techniques and ProjectsBonnie Klein
201031Traditional Molding Techniques: Cornice MoldingsDon McConnell
200909Traditional Molding Techniques: The BasicsDon McConnell
200924Traditional Woodcarving BasicsIvan Whillock
200915Turned Bowls Made EasyBill Grumbine
200719Turning Bowls and Other ProjectsBonnie Klein
200720Turning Boxes and Other ProjectsBonnie Klein
200722Turning Boxes with Threaded LidsBonnie Klein
200723Turning Outside the BoxBeth Ireland
201027Turning Pens with Rex and Kip I: The BasicsRex and Kip
201028Turning Pens with Rex and Kip II: More PensRex and Kip
200721Turning Unusual MaterialsBonnie Klein
201045Turning WoodRichard Raffan
201001Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional DesignGeorge Walker
201005Unlocking the Secrets of Traditional Design: MoldingsGeorge Walker
201509Using the Versatile ChiselJeff Miller
3057Wood BendingMarc Adams
201002Wood Carving BasicsDavid Sabol
201041Wood Finishing BasicsMichael Dresdner
201018Wood Science & DesignHendrik Varju
201011Wood-Hinge BoxRob Cosman
200910Woodcarving #1: Sharpening TechniquesCosman and Pye
201003Woodcarving #1: Sharpening TechniquesCosman and Pye
200911Woodcarving #2: Letter CarvingCosman and Pye
201004Woodcarving #2: Letter CarvingCosman and Pye
200912Woodcarving #3: Ornamental CarvingCosman and Pye
201510Woodturning with Tim Yoder: Season 1 Ep. 1-6Tim Yoder
201512Woodturning with Tim Yoder: Season 1 Ep. 13-18Tim Yoder
201513Woodturning with Tim Yoder: Season 1 Ep. 19-24Tim Yoder
201511Woodturning with Tim Yoder: Season 1 Ep. 7-12Tim Yoder
3047Woodturning: Fundamentals of Sharpeningvarious
3059Woodworking in action Issue 1various
3060Woodworking in action Issue 2various
6001Woodworking in action Issue 3various
6002Woodworking in action Issue 4various
200922Woodworking Magazine 1-8PopWood
201308Woodwright's Shop season 01Roy Underhill
201309Woodwright's Shop season 02Roy Underhill
201310Woodwright's Shop season 03Roy Underhill
201311Woodwright's Shop season 04Roy Underhill
201312Woodwright's Shop season 05Roy Underhill
201313Woodwright's Shop season 06Roy Underhill
201314Woodwright's Shop season 07Roy Underhill
201315Woodwright's Shop season 08Roy Underhill
201316Woodwright's Shop season 09Roy Underhill
201317Woodwright's Shop season 10Roy Underhill
201514Woodwright's Shop Season 11Roy Underhill
201515Woodwright's Shop Season 12Roy Underhill
201516Woodwright's Shop Season 13Roy Underhill
201517Woodwright's Shop Season 14Roy Underhill
201518Woodwright's Shop Season 15Roy Underhill
201519Woodwright's Shop Season 16Roy Underhill
201520Woodwright's Shop Season 17Roy Underhill
201521Woodwright's Shop Season 18Roy Underhill
201522Woodwright's Shop Season 19Roy Underhill
201523Woodwright's Shop Season 20Roy Underhill
200904WorkbenchChristopher Schwarz
201015Working with VeneerDarryl Keil, VacuPress