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Cabinet Job: Craftsman Sought

My husband and I have some wood from cabinets (that we had remodeled into shelves) that we would like to re-use to make into a table top.
The tabletop would be in the same space as some of the remaining cabinets so the table and cabinets wood would match (that's our idea at least).
We'd be interested in discussing this with a Guild member looking to take on a job for pay. We live in Eden Prairie.
If interested, contact Marguerite Slavik at 303-889-9614.

For Sale: Bosch Chop Saw & Forrest Blade

Bosch 3915 10" Dual Compound Miter Saw
  • Very good condition
  • Upgraded to 12"
  • More than 1/2" left on brushes
  • $225 Cash
Forrest 10" Chopmaster Blade
  • 80 tooth ATBR, 5/8" arbor
  • Brand new; no run time.
  • $125 Cash
$300 Cash if you take both.
Contact: Bill Hunt at

Some Vacuum Bags: Free.

As you may have heard, our colleague and friend Ross Peterson passed away recently.
I've been helping clean out Ross's shop and have some vacuum bags (for pressing) that need a home.
There are several small custom sizes Ross made, in addition to a 4x8' bag. No pump to go with them however.
If interested, contact: Jason Holtz at or 612-432-2765.


Vega Wood Lathe Duplicator:
  • professional D-48, Model # 62131
  • 48 inch width capacity.
  • Very accurate replicating machine using easy DIY constructed Plexiglas templates.
  • Used for a couple of jobs, but now taking up room in my shop so I want to sell it.
  • $850 OBO; CASH ONLY.
Contact: Tom Rosga at

Free: Bench and Shelving

I have two items I'd like to give away:
  • A sturdy workbench, dimentions 54" x 20" x 35"
  • A set of shelves, dimensions 68" x 23" x 7"
Free for any interested Guild member.
Contact: Tim Farrell at

Woodworking Magazines for Sale:

Some issues missing from each magazine, but lots of good stuff:
  • Wood, 124 issues from #93, Dec 1996 to #239, May 2016
  • Woodwork, 59 issues from Dec 1997, #97 to #110, Apr 2008
  • Woodworker's Journal, 78 issues from Apr 2003 to Apr 2012
  • Popular Woodworking, 58 issues from to #101, Mar 1998 to #200, Nov 2012
  • Fine Woodworking, 92 issues from #120, Oct 1996 to #230, Winter 2012/2013
  • American Woodworker, 84 issues from #64, Feb 1998 to #163, Dec/Jan 2013
  • Woodsmith, 51 issues from #115 to #181
Make an offer on some or all. Contact Mike at or 612-750-9905.

Delta Bandsaw for sale

  • Delta 28-203 Bandsaw.
  • Includes accessory fence, mobile base and assortment of blades.
  • $400.00 or best offer.
Contact: Contact Pete Smith at 612-239-5000 or


One of the best kept secrets in town is the Edina Community Woodshop, managed by Edina Community Education. This well-equipped shop offers an affordable place for hobbyists and even professionals to pursue their interest. Open to the public since 1982, over 100 men, women and kids make use of this shop every quarter.

The Guild is looking to start a partnership with Edina Community Education by helping to offer 2 and 3 day evening or weekend classes taught by members. At a July meeting with Guild board members we decided to try partnering on a couple of classes. Two projects seemed like a good start: For power tools, a mid-sized picture frame with mitred, splined corners. For handtools, a basic dovetailed box with a lid.
We are open to any other projects that a member would like to teach. You will receive a stipend for teaching based on the number of students and the length of the class, typically in the $25 per hour range. Materials costs will be covered by the class fee charged to participants.

The shop has a range of equipment including: 3 tablesaws (including a SawStop); two bandsaws; a jointer and planer; radial and chop saws; a TimeSaver and several benchtop sanders and handtools.

This is a great chance to share your knowledge and become familiar with an excellent resource. Learn more about the Edina Community Woodshop here.
If interested, contact:
Cheryl Gunness, Adult Enrichment & Community Involvement Manager
Edina Public Schools/Edina Community Education or call 952-848-3952

Questions? Contact a Guild Board member or David Lane (

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