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2016 Fall Seminar: A Weekend Seminar with wood/metal artist David Orth.

  • When: November 11th - 13th, 2016
  • Where: To be announced.
  • David is a renowned professional artist, sculptor, woodworker, designer, writer and all around good guy. You can preview some of his extraordinary work on his WEBSITE.. This should be a very stimulating and innovative seminar!
  • Have you ever looked at the curves in piece of furniture and wondered just how it was built? If so, this is a seminar you will not want to miss! David will spend the weekend discussing and demonstrating fresh, unusual, and innovative approaches to curved work -- approaches that are alternatives to laminations, steam bending and bandsaws.
  • David will not only show us how to make things, but will also encourage us to question why we are making things. He will sprinkle his design tips throughout the weekend too.
  • David works and lives in the Chicago area. His sculpture and furniture has been featured in museums, galleries, books and magazines since the early 1980s. It has been described as "amazing, overwhelming and musical; rock and roll, the blues, and arias." Others have suggested his work has a "wonderful, mess-with-your-mind appeal."
  • So mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information and a couple of introductory videos from David himself. This is a weekend you will not want to miss!
  • Registration will open soon. Stay tuned!

    Guild of Metalsmiths: Call for Woodworkers!

    The Guild of Metalsmiths (TGoM) has a presence down at the Jackson Street Roundhouse train museum in Saint Paul. Volunteers work on the trains, help maintain their machine shop, and conduct blacksmithing demonstrations for the museum attendees a couple days/week.
    The museum has a lot of restoration work that needs doing in both metal and wood, and they depend on volunteers. They are interested in getting some of the Woodworkers Guild members involved in their ongoing restoration efforts. For example, they are currently looking for help replacing some broken bench seats & backs (either the repairs or or a lesson or two in bending wood).
    If you have any interest or availability or questions, please reach out to Bill Hawley at the Roundhouse (612-469-1187).

    Have some class at the School of Woodworking

    Guild member Mike Siemsen is offering several excellent classes at The School of Woodworking.
    Great instruction for beginners and others wanted a refresher on hand tool work.
    Mike also offers private instruction. See his web page for details.
    Registration is open now.

    Professional Instruction and Shop Space

    Is your shop too small to cut the parts for that plywood project? Need hands-on instruction on a jointer? I can help you build projects and improve your skills.
    I'm Tom Caspar, a longtime member of the Guild, ex-editor of American Woodworker and Woodwork magazines, and the instructor of The Unplugged Woodshop, now going into its 25th year.
    I've recently joined a 5-member co-op shop in South Minneapolis. The shop is incredibly well-equipped for building custom furniture. For example, we have an 8-ft. sliding tablesaw, a 16" jointer, a 16" bandsaw and a 30" drum sander. I also have a small private space that's loaded with hand tools.
    If you need help milling your rough lumber, cutting up sheets of plywood, learning how to sharpen a scraper, use a plane or cut perfect dovetails, I'm your guy. One-on-one teaching is my specialty, tailored to just what you need to know.
    My fee is $30/hour.
    For more information contact: Tom Caspar, at

    Class Offering: 18th Century Dressing Glass

    Al Breed will be teaching a class on making the Dressing Glass from pages 226-227 of the Kaufman Collection Book. I have attached a picture for your reference. The class will consist of two 2.5 day sessions. They will be held in my shop in Eagan, MN.
    The dates if the two sessions are:
    • 30 April - 2 May 2016 (Sat - Mon)
    • 5 - 7 Nov 2016 (Sat - Mon)
    The student supplies his/her own materials
    The cost is $650.00 per session for a total of $1300.00. If you sign up for this class my expectation is that you are financially responsible for both sessions.
    To sign up for the class send me a $100 deposit or contact me at the following: Tony Kubalak, 3660 Robin Lane, Eagan, MN 55122.
    For more information contact: Tony at

    About Us

    The Minnesota Woodworkers Guild is a group of professional and amateur woodworkers bound together by three goals:

    to advocate high standards in our craft
    to meet new friends and discuss woodworking
    to educate ourselves and the public about woodworking

    The Guild hosts monthly educational meetings, produces a bi-monthly newsletter, and sponsors the annual “Northern Woods” show, an exhibition of fine woodworking. We welcome membership by all woodworkers, regardless of what they build, their level of skill, style of work, or their profession.

    Our goal is to encourage the highest standards in woodworking, while allowing each of our members to grow at their own pace, from whatever level of skill and accomplishment they begin with.

    Simply put, we want each of our members to become the best woodworker they are capable of, and to enjoy telling their Guild friends about it along the way.

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